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Synergy/Evolith/Ebon Guide -- Part II
The 5 WoTG "Fomor Kings"
Five new Fomor NM's were added to the past.  They have 1 epic item each, and in addition they have synthesis materials, including the "base weapon" needed for the new "aern weapons."

Basic Fomor NM Facts/Tactics
These NM's are somewhat unique, and have several things in common.  (1)First of all, they level up (animation and all).  Different things will trigger the level-up depending on the NM, which I'll get to later.  In some cases, you want to prevent the levelup, and others you just let it happen.

(2)Next, all of them have a habit of responding to any spell cast on them, with an instant tier4 nuke of their specific element.  When these came out, it was thought to be oh-so-horrible.  But now, it's clear that given how hard they can be, it's kind of a blessing, because you can use this behavior to control the mob.  You want your mages to be subbing /nin for the fight.  Rare exception would be brd/whm, but keep the non /nin at a minimum.  Mages can distract/tank and even "lock" the fomors by rotating spells.  Even if it casts instantly, the animation takes time, and you can effecitvely lock and bounce the mob around using a nuke rotation.  In addition to big spells, you can also toss tier1 nukes as means of a cheap stun.  Though I haven't observed directly, I believe paladins may even be able to interrupt ga spells simply by casting flash at the right time.

(2.5)Not only will it respond with an instant nuke when you cast on them, but it also seems to rip hate.  The mob will come towards you.  Not sure if this actually messes with total enmity though or if this is only momentary.

(3)Repop is 4 hours, which is nice.

(4)They will despawn if your alliance wipes.  For this reason, be very careful with how you pull it.  Groups have made the mistake of having a puller aggro or grab it and die before anyone else can get enmity on it, at which point the mob leaves.  In addition, the Fomors have shown to be glitchy in some circumstances.  Some groups have reported fighting the mob and it suddenly despawning mid-fight, at random times, for no apparent reason.  In my personal experience, I've had it depop before a fight, without anyone aggroing.  I had a mule out by the Mithra, and was building an alliance to fight it.  Suddenly vanished.  No sign of anything funny in the log.  Went out to do a Galka/Elvaan run, same thing.  Meanwhile we went to do other fomor and they were still up.

(5)Draw-in.  I remember them drawing in an entire ally upon the pull whent hey first came out, but the last couple times, this hasn't happened.  They only seem to draw in now when someone in the alliance steps too far away from the battle.  Sometimes it's hard to tell how far is too far.  Just tell your alliance to stay close; within "the rooms" (barring Lugh) is close to perfectly safe.  For the fight, you want people to scatter, so draw-in will happen when someone goes to far.  Have your alliance immediately re-scatter after a draw in.  After practice it will happen less often.

(6)2hrs (ok maybe 5mins).  Mobs can do them several times; every 5 minutes, that is.  They'll start to bring these out after about 35%.  They get very powerful and angry when they do it.  The 2hr itself is harfmul, but they also will have an aoe aura (ie Mithra aoe silence) or do an aoe attack (ie Galka aoe sleep move).  They also can do massive-damage AOE ws's at this point, so people need to stay away.  Tough it out.

(7)Run in, run out, get off.  Hate is very wonky in these fights, in a large part due to the behavior of retaliating spells, but also otherwise.  The key is to have people that don't need to be in range (not melee) stay out of range and, in addition, scatter.  The reason for scattering is that if the mob chooses to do a harmful AOE when someone pulls hate, less people will get hit.  During 2hr's, as stated, everyone stays away.  Needless to say, another good time for melee to get/stay off it is when people are low on hp/mp and the fight is getting rough.  Just use the same common sense you would in any fight.  Similar endgame sense: If you pull hate, don't run backwards--run /to the tanks/.  This is so important and also common sense.  A lot of the fight is about positioning.  Keep people away; pull hate, run in.  Tanks keep the mob in one position.  Draw-in, everyone scatter, tanks go back to position.  Proper over careless positioning will probably double your chances of winning the fight.

(8)Regen.  It seems to be pretty strong.  So you wanna make sure you have enough people to keep on the DPS.  These fights are short though when done correctly.  3-20 minutes.  Zerg being faster.  If done sloppily though or with insufficient numbers, you can expect an hour +.

You don't have to do these fights with 18, but if you're doing a pickup group, it's advisable.  I've heard of people doing these with 12.  I've done some pickup runs of ls/friends/shout mix and won with 14, and lost w/ the same amount when using the wrong strategy or players wouldn't listen.  I've heard of Rdm+Smn duo'ing Elatha.  Given the nuke-relatation that you can exploit, I can see low man mage runs being done, bt duo sounds really rough, especially given regen.

Elatha and Buarainech
 Location: Garlaige Citadel [S]Elatha: Galka, drops Great Sword and Enfeebling Hands
Buarainech: Elvaan, drops Polearm and Nuking Feet
I place these two together because, when doing Fomors it helps to do more than one at a time, just due to the amount of time it takes to build an alliance and gather.

The setup you might want to bring:
Solid Tank Party: Pld2x, Whm2x, Rdm, Brd
2 Black Mage Parties: 0-2 refereshers, and the rest Blm

You also might want to bring a 3rd backup Pld to put in an extra PT, though it's probably not necessary.  Bring a Thf of course.  If you can't get all Blm, you can try Smns, Schs, Rng, etc.

Let's start with Elatha
You don't wanna melee it because it has perma-ice spikes.  And can do powerful AOE damage and breath attacks. It laso has bindga, which is a big problem for melee wanting to get away.  I also think it takes less damage from melee.  In addition, it absorbs job ability damage (EES, quick draw, etc).  Unfortunately, you're going to let him level up all the way, as he levels up from nukes.

He spawns in the middle of the crossing between 2 halls, so if he's tanked in the middle, there are 4 sides where people can stand at.  This is good for scattering, but takes practice for some groups.  2 bombs pop where he spawns.  They're easy to take care of, just make sure they're not ignored.

If you start takinga  lot of damage and the alliance looks bad, just keep at it.  It's hard to die if multiple people apart from the tanks participate in the blink tanking, which they will naturally.  Keep raising and curing up, rest up and start pushing out the DPS again.

At 35% it'll start 2hr'ing.  Make sure everyone in the ally has poison pots**. This is important, as he will pair every Blood Weapon with Shockwave, an aoe sleep ability 15'+.  Not only do you want to be disabled, but you don't want to fall victim to any AOE dmg.  Wiki says his attack speed increases during 2hr but he won't cast or use ws's.  I don't know, but I remember people taking massive damage at around the time of his 2hr, maybe it's right when it subsides.  Keep people away.  Don't touch it.  Most important of all, your pld's NEED to sentinel when this happens.  Or he'll rip them to shreds.  He'll go on a damn rampage and kill a bunch of people, and regenerate so much HP from the drains if your pld's don't react fast.

For this reason, Whms also need to be on the ball /very timely throughout the fight/ with paralyna.  He -ga paralyzes often enough.  A paralyzed sentinel during 2hr could = 7+ dead people.  This is part of the reason for stressing 2Whms.  If you've got 2Plds, you're gonna need 2Whms; prerequisite or you're gonna have a real rough fight.  Dual boxing is really bad in these fights as well.  Mainly due to positioning.  When I've done it, I've just ended up hurting the alliance.

He's scary at first but with proper positioning and these precautions he's a total joke.  Your Blms will tear him down so fast and you'll toss him around like drunk cat fail-clawing for carpet cat-nip.  Oh yeah, nuke fire.

Now about Buarainech,
I've only fought it once, and it was by far the easiest fight out of all my pickup experiences (save mithra zerg).  This could be bias though, because the alliance was very well setup and a lot of people knew each other.

This guy is thunder, so this time nuke stone.  Same alliance setup.  Just go straight from Galka to him.  He spawns in a room with 2 scoprions and another closeby.  You can try pulling these ahead of time, but I wouldn't.  He apparently can magic aggro, so gather and buff far away.  If you have a melee with you (we had a mnk), you can have a bard sleep the scorpions at the start of the fight and have them solo the adds.  Or you can throw Blms or w/e at it.

His hate is very very wonky.  Perhaps wonkiest of all.  For that reason, make sure everyone knows ahead of time and is ready to blink tank.  It's a big room, so there's also plenty of space to scatter.  Stay scattered, can tank him in the middle.

Casts thunder based blu magic.  Casts -ga spells and ancient magic like the other fomor. 

Level up seems to be triggered by buffing.  Can't do the fight without buffs (least if you've got tanks, and prolly any time otherwise), so just let this one level up too.

Apparently (per wiki) "assault pet" command by bst or smn will put hate to the bst or smn instead.  So they should be cautious and probably want to sub nin.

During Spirit Surge, he gains Endoom.  So this is one of the major important parts of the fight.  Typical doom countermeasures: bring many holywaters (for us I don't know if we even had this problem) just in case, maybe 2-3 stacks per tank, and make sure Whms are ready to cursna and cursna fast.  Simple as that.

DK what else to say about this fight.  Wiki doesn't say much and he was real easy for us, but I hear some groups saying he's one of the hardest ever.  For this reason, I'd recommend as safety precautions that you don't skip the tank party on this one.  But hate is wonky so there's the same basic key points everyone needs to remember: (*)Everyone spread out, but tanks keep it in one spot, (*)get hate, run to tanks, (*)draw-in = scatter, (*)be ready to get hate and blink it at any time, whoever you are in the ally.  And of course again holy water / cursna spam.  Do this and you should be fine.

Tethra and Ethniu
Location: Eldieme Necropolis [S]Ethniu: Mithra, drops Dagger and WS Pants
Tethra: Taru, drops Staff and HP Neck
This is gonna sound like a bitch but if you were happy that your manaburn setup totally demolished Elatha and Buarainech, it won't work at all here.  You'll need to completely change jobs, or get different people for the fight.

I'll start with Mithra first,
This is a zerg fight.  It's possible to do it otherwise, but I don't see why I'd advise it, unless you have plenty of experience breezing through these fights.  I've heard that pre-zerg, people that tried to fight this experienced hell on earth.  My first alliance that killed Tethra with 14 didn't last 5 minutes with her.  I hear when she 2hrs, she just silencga's the tanks and gains perma-triple attack and/or attacks at 100fists-rate which hurts like hell and will fuck your day.  And apparently she's immune to elemental magic.  Because I'm going to tell you this is a zerg fight and most zerg figths are simple, I'll just keep it simple.  If you want to know more you will have to search wiki, BG, or elsewhere.

Typical Zerg
1-2Rdm/Drk for CS+Stun.  I recommend 2.  My computer lagged up (badly) when I was stunning this the first time and everyone died at 30% to an aoe move.  In addition someone told me they saw a fair amount of my stuns resist, though I don't recall this being so myself.
2-3Brd: Really in this day and age, for sub-30 second fights, you don't necessarily need a 3rd for madrigal as you can do it with Feint.  So as a base, 2hr minuets and marches.
Thf + Drg: TH and Feint, + Angon.
DD's: This is a shorter zerg, so Sam is pretty good.  War/Sam is always excellent.  Souleater Drks do Dmg, but bloodweapon doesn't work on fomors, so I wouldn't recommend at unless you have dedicated outside cures.

*Rdm's (or otherwise) don't forget to haste melee as the 2hr brd swaps are occuring
*Rdm's, don't forget to have one dia2/3 at the start

Do the typical zerg thing, and she will die fast, like 20-30 seconds.  Wee.

Ah, there are also adds in her room as well.  Before the fight, you should have everyone stand back from the cliff so they don't aggro, and have a puller grab the bombs and slimes to kill before the fight.  Even if you don't pull all the adds (you don't have to), you can have a brd sleep them at the start of the fight, and melee can crush after.

A good way to start the fight is like this: After hastes/2hr bard swaps, thf walks up to cliff, hits perfect dodge.  At this moment, at least 1 or both rdm use CS.  He drops down, and everyone immediately follows.  He engages and pops feint.  One rdm throws Dia while the other starts stunning as soon as the thf claims.  

Next, Tethra the Taru,
This one has been dubbed by some to be the easiest of the fights, and I can see why.  However, he still can pack a nasty punch.  Actually, doing the fight wrong or without people playing well, I've lost this fight twice out of the 5-6 times I've fought it.

This is also a melee fight.  Ideally, a Rng fight.  Rng's tear this guy a new hole.  However, if you want to save time, or are going with a pickup group, or are limited on jobs, your zerging ally that just killed Ethniu can change for Tethra.  Let's just hope that in the group you've got 2Pld, 2Whm, etc.  1 Whm will work but I STRONGLY reccomend a 2nd.  This is mainly because he can do breakga and apparently has a petrify aura when he 2hrs, on top of the slowga spam he does, /which will adversly effect the tanks/.  But in addition, it's very nice to have the additional cures.

If you don't have Rng, melee are fine.  You'll just be a bit limited on speed because they will take damage, and when they do they will have to withdraw while the ally recovers MP. 

Blms just won't work at all.  They can take off some HP, but not consistently, slowly, and will probably just not be able to kill it.  This is largely because it absorbs (gains HP) off of any dmg magic cast on it while it is casting something.  And it casts enough without having it retaliate spells.  Holy bolts apparently cure it too.

In addition, wiki says it's immune to physical attacks when it's casting.  I'm not sure if that's 100% true or if it's just something similar to that.  I can attest to melees consistently hitting for constant 0's when I had a mage/melee mix of an ally.  But with no Blms on it it didn't seem to happen often at all. 

So manaburn doesn't work.  Melee/mage mix doesn't.  Rng's destroy it.  Melee work just fine.

Since the it apparently takes reduced/no damage from melee while it's casting, the bouncing hate trick with tier1's also doesn't work.  If you have a rdm/nin doing that, you can still lock him to tank him easily, but people won't do any dmg.  So, you need your tanks.  Because you need your tanks badly, means once again that they will eat slowga, and will need quick erases and re-hastes.  Once again, the reason 2Whm is so much better.

There are adds.  Lots of them actually.  Before the fight, similar to the Mithra, you want to have everyone stay back, and have a puller grab all/most of the adds b4 the fight.  There are Snolls down there, and I must warn you that if you cast the element of the day on them they will explode and kill everyone.  Crowd control during the actual fight is very important.  Sleep/kill them quickly.  An outside party consisting of a mnk and mage, for example, should be able to handle the adds by themselves if they're good.

Other than that this fight requires the same essential strat as the others: (*)Keep the mob in one place.  You'll notice a little 'nook' in the room.  That's where Plds should fight it.  Deep in that nook.  (*)If you get hate, run to plds, (*)otherwise, stay scattered a little bit away, if you're a mage or a rng, (*)if you're a melee, get off it if you're losing HP and the mp situation of the ally looks bad.  Play smart and the fight is easy.  Don't and it can be hell.

Similarly, when it manafons, take care.  Melee get off it.  Scatter.  Watch the tanks.  It can use the aoe ws Grim Halo.  So if it runs for you, stay away from others, run to tanks, or people will die.


Location: Crawler's Nest [S]
Lugh: Hume, drops Sword and Melee Feet

This fight I cannot offer a lot of advice on, as I haven't won it.  I've only done it once and got it to 70%.  We only went to fight him because we went to fight Elatha and Buarainech and they had despawned inexplicably.  So we brought essentially the wrong type of alliance, and down on numbers.

One of the more difficult parts about this fight seems to be his leveling.  Apparently he levels whenever he uses blue magic.  We tried stunning it but kinda failed.  In a long fight it could be hard to consistenly stun his blu magic moves (Lowing, Heat Breath, Exuviation, and Refueling).  When he hadn't leveled at all he was going down fast.  Melee seemed to be doing pretty well.  But he started leveling up fast and once he got about max level we just couldn't damage him at all in like 10 minutes w/ a melee/mage mix of about 14.

He doesn't seem particularly dangerous.  It seems to be kind of an endurance fight.  Of course all fomor are inherently dangerous in some respect.  He has blaze spikes, firaga 3, fire 4, and flare.  Uses those blu moves as well as sword and fomor WS.  Has enplague.

In addition when it 2hrs at 35% and every time (5 minutes?) after that, it starts to draw-in and intimidate everyone apparently.  I'd use the same strategy as other fomors.  Scatter, lay low.

To re-emphasize, stun does work well on him.  Also, one of my chars there was rdm/nin, and it seemed very easy to tier1 nuke and pull him off to temporarily tank.

So I'm wondering if having a couple rdm/nin bouncing him around like that can possibly keep him locked up and prevent him from leveling up.  The tier1's will ensure you have his attention.  Meanwhile the melee could pound away and if he doesn't level at all he could go down fast.  Or, you could try a normal tank party and a lot of rng, and just let him level up perhaps.  Wish I coudl say for sure.

In Brief
To close, I'd like to reiterate that 2 of these fights are mage fights, and 3 of them are melee/rng fights.  Therefore, if you're doing "runs" and don't want to go for all 5, I'd recommend either just doing Elatha and Buarainech.  Or otherwise just going for Lugh, Tethra, and Ethniu.  For Buarainech and Elatha, it's easy enough to kill one and do the other.  For the other fomors, here's what I'm thinking,

Start at lugh with a zerg setup.  Only 1 Brd needs to 2hr.  Have them do greater March/Minuet.  Have the 2nd brd do lesser March/Minuet.  If the fight is fast enough, you won't need a 3rd brd for madrigal--feint will do.  The reason I say to do songs like this is because 12hr March + 1normal March + haste spell = capped magic haste.  So all you really lose out on by doing this is getting a weaker lesser minuet.  Meanwhile, have one Rdm CS+Stun.  Maybe have a couple melee 2hr.  Hope you kill it.

If it works well, go to Ethniu and do the same thing.  1Brd 2hr, 1Rdm CS+stun.  The melee that didn't 2hr, do this time.  This may be enough fire power to take down both fomors.  Not sure if it'll be enough stun though.  After these fights, go do taru.  Or instead, you can do Hume -> Taru -> Mithra and full 2hr zerg twice, but you'd have to change your setup twice and possibly have some down time.  I was going to try this during this winter break but I don't have time.

Pet Food Alpha - Episode 193 "The Evosode"
Recently PFA did an episode on all-things-Synergy.  Check it out and listen to Staren, the PFA crew, and myself as we explain the Synergy, Evolith, 'Ebon Gear', and more!

Pet Food Alpha - Episode 193

Personal Updates
Ring, teh Get!!

Kinda sucks that I had to temporarily part ways with my Speed Belt, Dusk Gloves +1, Cerb Mantle +1, Cuchy Mantle, and Antares Harness to get it.  But I hope to get most of that back in 2 months, as I was still able to leave myself a healthy mount of gil to continue re-investing with. We'll see how that turns out.  When that happens, I'll have nearly perfect gear. I guess in ways, it's above and beyond the "normal" definition of perfect.  But when I mean perfect, I mean just that.  When I get those other items back, there's little else that i can see being any sort of upgrade/side-grade.

Let me see if I can list everything (apart from above) that I could possibly have any use but that I don't yet have: Ninurta's Sash, Sonic Belt(+1), Vajra, M.Kris, Raphael's Rod, Adder Jambiya+1 (2x?), a Perfect Machismo, a Perfect Fane (for when I can't poison shit?), Octant, Maat's Cap, Hope Torque, Kubira Bead Necklace, Bloodbead Gorget, Pixie Earring, Harmonious Earring, Antares Harness, Enkidu's Body, Skadi Hands, ANNM Dex+7 Dragon Mitts, Enkidu's Hands, Barbarossa's Hands, a 2nd Nimble Ring +1, Harmonious Ring, Bloodbead Ring, Buccaneer's Belt, ASA SA/TA pants (lol), Enkidu's Feet, Setanta's Ledelsens.

And of course on top of this, I could also upgrade all my ebon/furia to Ebur, and put in max-size, optimal evolith into them (if I could ever figure out what to plug in).  And worst of all, but some of the best possible upgrades unfortunately, would be FoV style augments.  I'm talking: Forager's Mantles with +acc, dex/chr rings with +acc, str rings/earrings with +attack, warwolf with +attack.  Snazzy, ridiculous junk like that.  Delicious but absurd to get.

This all got me to thinking.  If one wants to take it to the absolute limit, inventory becomes a major issue.   In fact, there simply isn't enough space with 80 inventory to allow you to seamlessly swap in/out 100% of the most optimal pieces, without having to go into your satchel.  So the major question becomes: what should you keep inside your inventory instead of your satchel?

On the thief forums, I made a thread about this in December.  Most people aren't sticklers and are fine with the 80 inventory.  But there are other people who are even more of inventory nazis than I!  I was surprised by this.  There are some things that I do like always keep multiple weapons in my invent at once, as well as imperial silver coins.  I was called out on maybe not being strict enough myself. And in recent months, sometimes I've been arguing something that my former self wouldn't have: "that's not worth carrying around in your inventory/satchel. too niche-use to be worthwhile."  So I don't know.  Have I gotten soft?  Or is ease of play also valuable?

Perhaps I should try my best to portray the "optimal" Thief Inventory: 
2Blau Dolch
3Thief's Knife

4Echo Drops
6Shihei Toolbags
7Sneak Tools
8Invis Tools
10Open Slot (Aura Steal)
11Open Slot (Optional)
12Open Slot (Optional)

13Fire Bomblet
14Bomb Core

16Anwig Salade(Acc/Haste)
17Walahra Turban
18Maat's Cap > Skadi's Visor
19Hecatomb Cap +1
20Optical Hat

21Mirke Wardecors (Acc/DW)
22Skadi's Cuirie
23Denali Jacket
24Dragon Harness +1 (augmented?)
25Hecatomb Harness +1
26Antares Harness
27Rapparee Harness

28Homam Manopolas
29Dusk Gloves +1 (augmented?)
30Denali Wristbands
31Assassin's Armlets
32Rogue's Armlets +1
33Hecatomb Mittens +1
34ANNM Dex Mitts > Enkidu's Mitts
35Ebur Wristbands (evolith)

36Homam Cosciales
37Skadi's Chausses
38Hecatomb Subligar +1
39Raven Hose (augmented?)
40Desultor Tassets(Crit+,Attack?)

41Homam Gambieras
42Skadi's Jambeaux
43Rogue's Poulaines +1
44Hecatomb Leggings +1
45Dance Shoes +1 (augmented?)
46Ebur Gaiters (evolith)

47Justice Torque
48Kubira Bead Necklace > Soil Gorget
49Love Torque
50Hope Torque > Lleu's Charm
51Evasion Torque

52Scouter's Rope (augmented?)
53Cuchulain's Belt
54Warwolf Belt (augmented?)
55Peiste Belt +1 (augmented?)
56Ninurta's Sash > SonicBelt(+1) (aug) > Speed Belt

57Augmented Forager's (+acc)
58Cerberus Mantle +1 (augmented?)
59Cuchulain's Mantle
60Boxer's Mantle

61Triton / Elusive Earring (augmented?)
62Novia Earring
63Burtal Earring
65Hollow Earring
66Augmented Adroit(+1) ?> Pixie Earring
67Harmonius Earring > (augmented?)
68Genin Earring

69Mars's Ring
70Nimble Ring(+1) (augmented?)
71Nimble Ring(+1) (augmented?)
72Harmonius Ring > (augmented?)
73Adroit Ring(+1) (augmented?)
74Rajas Ring

75(optional)Dragon Leggings +1(augmented?)
76(optional)Setanta's Ledelsens
77(optional)Enkidu's Leggings
78(optional)Ebur Head (evolith)
79(optional)Enkidu's Harness

80Skadi's Bazubands

Alternate/Secondary Gear
1X's Knife
4"Perfect" Machismo
5"Perfect" Fane
7Adder Jambiya+1 (augmented?)
8Adder Jambiya+1 (augmented?)
9Ermine's Tail
10Deae Gratia
11Raphael's Rod
12Tatami Shield (etc?)
13Ziska's Crossbow
15Acid Bolts
16Acid Bolt Quivers
17Bloody Bolts
18Sleep Bolts
19Blind Bolts

20Hi Potion 1x
22Poison Pots
23Holy Water
24Eye Drops
25Reraise Earring
26Reraise Scroll
27Scroll of Retrace
28Secondary Linkpearl
29Secondary Linkpearl
30Kindred Seals
31Beastman Seals
32Silent Oils
33Prism Powders
38Opo-opo Neck
39Sleep Pot
40Powder Boots
43Warp Cudgel
44Warp Cudgel
45Warp Cudgel

Ranged Accuracy
47Trailer's Kukri
48Peacock Charm
49Barbarossa Mitts > Deadeye Gloves
50Behemoth Ring+1 (augmented?)
51Behemoth Ring+1 (augmented?)
52Jaeger Mantle
53Buccaneer's Belt > Precise Belt
54Dusk Trousers +1 (augmented?)

HP Equip
55Bloodbead Gorget
56Bomb Queen Ring
57Bloodbead Ring
58Gigant Mantle (augmented?)

More Alternate/Secondary Gear
59Terra's Staff (augmented?)
60Ungur Boomerang
61Jelly Ring
62Homam Corazza
63Ulthalam's Ring?
64Ebur Vest (evolith)
65Ebur Tights (evolith)

66Call NPC Pearl
67Chocobo Whistle
68Lightning Ring

Not Included: Alternate shields (acc, viking, haste), merman's rings and other magic def+ equip, denali bonnet, skadi head in addition to maat's cap for full skadi crit build, Wivre Mask+1, Wivre Rings+1 2x, failnaught, para arrows, nexus cape, sprinter boots, icarus wing, cassie earring for /drk build, coffinmaker, iron bullets & pouches, culverin+1, cannon shells, extra bird food (stacks of mithkabobs &/or crab sushi), red curry bun, hypothetical offhand stage1 relic dagger & storeTP equip (Dark Ixion) build, secondary powder boots, antacid, signet staff, master caster's mitts, regen equip (snakeye +1, neckpiece, ?), charger's for possible sa/ta builds, steal+ equip, fire ring, ...

Yeah that looks kind of overwhelming...

Drama of the Day

Petty Asuran drama, for lack of anything better.  Asura is no longer Asura. Salvage bans wiped everything.  2 packet bot LS's currently dominate the scene.  At least I don't really mind Obsolete/Subvert too much, considering they sell everything,
Zealot bitching about Subvert
Subvert bitching about Zealot

Actually, this is even better.  Not FFXI related, but it seems like some FFXIV-related drama is already brewing.  I find it very strange (albeit interesting and entertaining) indeed,

Ok... So I really don't know what to say here.  Rogue semi-anonymouses on vendetta missions.  Forlorn pie-smashing web administrators.

For those not up-to-speed, it seems that and have had a bit of a rivalry stemming from their drive to capture the FFXIV community base, a year or more before the game's inception.  Somewhere along the way, the head admin at FFXIVCore appears to have been trying to sell beta keys via whatever supposed hookup he has--a big no-no I'd imagine.  And that seems to be what has spurred all of this.  Make of it what you will.

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iZerg does these 5-7 times in a week so allow me to contribute.

1) Hasn't been mentioned but there is a "depop timer". We discovered this the first week on Elatha while we hammered out the tricks to his HP recovery. This might explain so depops for slower groups.

2) Tethra levels up through weaponskills. We usually toss non-WS dependent meele at it like Warriors and Monks.

3) Doing Ethniu the non-zerg way is usually a mix of BLM and RNG. Anyone that doesn't have to get close to it is ideal. And Aegis tanks help a lot.

4) I suggest handling Lugh like Elatha with parties of Blm/Nins. However for this one you all want to nuke at once and you all want to be spread apart (to avoid him 1-shotting the whole BLM party with foxfire). After Lugh runs off the Plds can toss a cure 1 to at least lock it. Blms can expect to die at least once, probably more, though. Stunning it can slow up the leveling but you have to have competent and reliable stunners. After it gets fully leveled expect a long fight (1hr range) but if you have good damage from the start you should be push it down before he levels and finish in the 15~ mark.

Which big new HNM drops the pigment to make the body black?

The ebur harness black I meant*

Ah, that's easy. It comes black when you make it ^^. The AH recipe can make Ebon (black) Harness and nothing else. And when you upgrade to another type, it'll say black :P. Which is cool and all it looks great, but gotta realize as well that black is the worst color as far as evolith slots go. Generally it seems to be ebur > furia > ebon. Also if you end up changing your Ebon piece to furia or ebur, you can change back to ebon by getting an ebon pigment. You wanted to know where those drop from, but fortunately nothing "HNM" level. They drop from the 3 pixie NM's, all of which are an easy solo/duo. Go to Part I of the guide and in the top section you'll see more details about this stuff, and some links to those pixie NM wiki pages.

Interesting as always.

Nice read about the fomors. I was one of the BLMs @ Elatha, and I remember deleveling against that bastard. :3 But that being said, that's still the only fomor - to this date - that I've even fought. Definitely wouldn't mind fighting it again, and I missed out on that Elvaan battle.

I feel you about the gear. My mages are for the most part insane like your THF is (if anyone says it isn't, they're delusional, etc.), and I may even make a LJ post about my own mages at some point. Idk, reading this motivated me. :P

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