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Shamaya, Asura

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Starcraft 2. Final Fantasy XIV.
I guess I'll have no shame and admit to having been gluttonously divulging in SC2 as of late. Actually during my 2 month sabbatical after crashing from the life-sapping monotony of magian trials (aka the future of XI), I played SC2 pretty much every day.

If anyone out there also plays, hit me up online. I'm on there as and my gamer tag is TagaJoe (play on words since my name's Joey and the city I live in happens to be called Tagajo).  I play Terran and started off beta in the freaking copper league, the lowest one.  But since then I've climbed to diamond, the highest league, with about a ~400 rating.  But that also doesn't really mean a lot considering that to the many truly great players, there is little difference to them whether you're diamond or silver.

This game is truly kickass and highly addicting. So much gratification and yet you can pick it up and drop it whenever you want, unlike an MMO.  So much goes in to playing well.  Micro(management), macro, memorizing build orders, scouting, response, overall strategy, actions per minute.  Sometimes it's fun just to watch other players' replays or tournament games.  I'm about off of work and about all I can think about is going home and blowing shit up until I pass out.

If you play it let me know :), would be fun to play with some people from XI.

On the other hand, XIV is coming out in exactly a month.  I haven't yet got a copy, but I think I'll get the lol collectors edition. I'm thinking I'll get the game in Japanese this time; that'll probably help beat the language into me a bit more, prolly a good thing.

If you're like me and you're studying Japanese and plan on playing XIV, I'd check out Eorzea Station. This is a JP game podcast, and it's not half bad.  Even though I only understand about 1/3 of what they're saying, they make a lot of jokes and whacky stuff like skits and karaoke song mixes on air.

Right now my friends and I are looking for a server to make our home.  For now we're thinking the Besaid server. I just got a beta invite from BG. The game is coming out next month so I'm not really overwhelmed, but if you play beta you can meet me on there. I'm thinking of just calling my char Shamaya Asura, but that kinda sounds dumb to me as well and I think a lot of people are using server last names.  I can't really think of a last name to use; like many others, I'm sure, I don't quite want one.  I was kinda thinking I'd like to be a taru this time around, they looked like freaky little things the first time I saw them but I guess I got used to how they look. They're lil pimps. But I suppose I should be realistic. I'm going to want to just carry myself into the new game and continue my internet double identity. So I'll probably be the white haired mithra again.

As for job class, discipline, or w/e. There's really nothing like thief in the game, which to me is a big disappointment. SE goes about saying there are no 'jobs' in the game, but it's all the same to me. The gladiator to me is pretty much a pld.  The berserker dude a warrior. We have a ranger and a dragoon. A monk. Whm and Blm are mixed into one, which is really weird. And I don't know what to make of conjuror. I guess I could say it's most like a Rdm to me, but obviously it is something else. More like a genuine warlock that I think many Rdms have always wanted their job to be. But for me, I long for a thief.  Take the basic 6 jobs of FFXI that you can use at the start of the game, and the only one really missing completely from XIV is thief. Fantasy stories, fantasy games, something is really missing if you don't include a rogue character or class. It's just one of those things I guess, that are supposedly implicit by the theme. The classes that are most thief like in the game right now are lancer and pugilist. Lancer gets hate control and pugilist gets sneak attack. Hate control in XI was cool and I was thinking of doing lancer for this reason, but really hate control is not something implicit by the 'idea of thief' in general, beyond XI. Hell, I wouldn't be disappointed if they allowed me to use trick attack as another sneak attack at will.  If they got rid of the hate control aspect of thief I'd still love it.

/psych = crunk or constipated; I'm not sure which

So I guess right now I'm thinking pugilist, perhaps until they release other jobs.  Whatever gives me the feeling of playing my thief the most out of any of the classes, that's what I'd like to play in XIV.

Again, for now I'll probably be playing on the Besaid server. I'd love to get as many people I know in XI as possible to come along and enjoy the next online journey together.

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Sent a friend request.

I heard something on BG about being unable to access SE accounts in regions outside of your version region, so watch out in 14.

Yeah I saw that too. I read into the thread and based on it, I'm not so worried. However, as a precaution, I think I'm gonna have to get 2 SE accounts. One for NA FFXI, and another for JP FFXIV. But that means I don't get the monthly fee discount. But I guess that's better than going NA and having my JP FFXIV rendered unserviceable at some point in the future. Or vice versa.

Saw your invite! Should be fun to play with you. I've played some 2v2s already with a member of the alla' thf forums, and I'll probably be playing with someone else from there soon, too. Not been logging in XI lately but it's fun to be able to play w/ the same people on SC :P

I'm plat 1v1 and 4v4, but my 3v3 team is bronze x_x

I'll probably be playing tomorrow and during the weekend

im up for new team mates all the time or just 1v1 practice. i play terran myself actually, and i agree finding ffxi players is awesome on there. i play 14 but in another server ;/ The current terran nerf is ridiculous atm... still figuring out new combos to make up for the loss of siege tanks. debating between banshees or thors atm... thors seem better for anti air support plus front line support with the 250mm cannon bombardment. i go by KingofSpades on sc2 and character code is 233. plat 1v1 81st, 2v2 and 3v3 upper gold.

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